Monday, January 14, 2008

McCain and Huckabee shouldn't count their chickens yet!

It is obvious to see that the McCain and Huckabee supporters are ready to claim the nomination tomorrow night with a victory in Michigan. But logic would tell you differently. Since 1980, no republican has won the nomination without winning South Carolina. With 25% of the Republican electorate still undecided in the state and Saturday being the primary, the election is still too close to call. Polls show that McCain and Huckabee in a battle for the key state, but history tells you that better watch out for Romney or Thompson. In fact, with 19 states up for grabs on Feb 5th including CA and NY, there is still time for all of the candidates (with the exception of Ron Paul). So sit back and watch, it may be that McCain and Huckabee didn't have any eggs in their nest in the first place.

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